Watch the El Gouna Festival equipment and the Ministry of Health support offices for the event and book movie tickets


The German University, the headquarters of the activities of the fifth session of the El Gouna Festival, witnessed work in full swing to complete the preparations for the launch of the new session, and the festival headquarters witnessed a demand to book movie tickets.

While the Ministry of Health is present in an office for a PCR examination and an office to provide the Corona virus vaccine to the festival guests, while a large medical staff is present to provide masks and disinfectants to ensure the safety of the guests.

The activities of the fifth edition of the El Gouna Film Festival will witness the screening of the Moroccan-French film “On Your Voice” at the El Gouna Convention Center, tomorrow, Friday, October 15 at 6:30 pm, the first of El Gouna films, after the festival decided not to screen a film for the opening this year and the coming years in order to ensure the comfort The guests in attendance are from many countries and to give space to watch the film for a larger audience.

The film “Ali Your Voice”, directed by Nabil Ayouch, is a joint production between Morocco and France, and the film revolves around the former rapper Anas, who works in a cultural center located in a popular neighborhood in Casablanca, and encourages his students to follow their passion and express themselves freely through The art of hip-hop, the film was shown worldwide for the first time in the official competition of the Cannes Film Festival 2021.

While the documentary film “Natural Light” will be shown at quarter past four on the Odimax list, and at seven in the evening the documentary Arthur Rimbaud and the blind man who did not want to watch Titanic, at 3:15 in C Cinema 1.


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