Watch the Israeli Defense Minister mock Netanyahu’s ignorance of the iPhone


Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz appeared in a video in which he mocked the way former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu dealt with the “iPhone” and ignored his correct use of it, especially by swiping fingers and sliding them on the device’s screen.

The video is short, barely 7 seconds long, but it was enough for Gantz to express his opinion in a “say and tell” manner about Netanyahu’s ignorance, known as “Bibi” in Israel, of how to properly deal with modern technologies.

And Gantz had seen him in a video sitting in the Knesset, swiping his finger very quickly on the “iPhone” screen and browsing it randomly in such a way that it seemed that he did not know how to stop at an application, so Gantz added a clip of his output, which he broadcast on his account on the YouTube-like site TikTok, in which he addressed Netanyahu He whispered in Hebrew and mocked, with voice and gesture: “Bibi, not like this.. but like this.” I mean, not quickly and dashingly, however, but rather softly passing fingers over the screens.

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