Watch the stars’ looks on the red carpet for the screening of “Princess” at El Gouna Festival


A large number of artists were keen to attend the premiere of the movie “Amira” directed by Mohamed Diab at the El Gouna Film Festival, where the film will be shown in the feature film competition, and the artists Arwa Gouda, Adam El Sharkawy, Tara Emad, Mohamed Farraj and his wife, Basant Shawky, Hana Shiha, Tarek attended. El-Abyari, Nada Akram, Khaled Anwar, Bushra, Nisreen Tafesh, the filmmakers, director Mohamed Diab, the heroine, Saba Mubarak, and the rest of the heroes.

The film was also attended by the media, Mona Abdel Wahab, Ahmed Daoud and his wife Ola Rushdy, Ahmed Hatem, Basma, Asma Jalal, Sherif Ramzy, author Mohamed Abdel Moati, Ramy Waheed, Ahmed Magdy, Youssef Othman, Ali Al-Tayeb, Zainab Gharib, Shady Alphonse, and Heba El-Sisi , Aya Selim, Maryam Al-Khasht, in addition to the announcer Nardine Farag, the media person, Raya Abi Rashid, Mahmoud Al-Leithi, Ilham Shaheen, Jala Hisham and Sumaya Al-Khashab.

The film is produced by Egypt, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, and Saudi Arabia. The events of the film revolve around issues related to Palestine, and show a young woman called “Princess” embodied by Saba Mubarak, and tells her story that she was born through a microscopic process after sperm smuggling from her imprisoned father in an Israeli prison.

And the events continue with the sudden turn of Amiras life after her father tells her during her visit that he is sterile and does not give birth and that she is not his daughter and everything that her mother told her is a lie. She fears that she and her mother will become ostracized because they do not have a breadwinner or a large family to protect them.

The film was shown globally for the first time as part of the activities of the 78th Venice Film Festival, where it participated in the “Horizons” competition, and won 3 prizes: the Lanterna Magica Award granted by the National Social and Cultural Association of Chinchirculi for Youth (CGS), and the Enrico Fulcinone Award, granted by the International Council of Cinema and Television. and Audiovisual Media in cooperation with UNESCO, and the Interfilm Prize for Promoting Interreligious Dialogue.


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