Watch the video.. The location of the accident that Wael Kfoury suffered and how his car was


Lebanese star show Wael Kfoury A terrible traffic accident last night in the Jbeil region, Lebanon.

A number of art stars in Lebanon and the fan pages of artist Wael Kfoury published pictures of the car and the site of the accident, where the car was seriously damaged.

Many videos of the car and the scene of the accident were also spread through the social media, and Al Arabiya channel posted on its official channel on the social networking site “YouTube” a video of the site of the accident and the condition of the car after the accident, as it appeared to be largely wrecked while its front wheels flew from the severity of the shock.

Information indicated that Wael’s car fell into a big hole while driving as a result of the darkness, which made his car turn several times, while he did not hit any other car, but the severe shock threw him out of the car.

Wael Kfoury is in a hospital in Lebanon to receive treatment, while sources confirmed to “Madam Net” that Wael suffered from sporadic bruises and that he will remain in the hospital tomorrow for monitoring to avoid any bleeding that may occur in order to check on his health more.

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