Watch what the Acting Professions Syndicate said about the El Gouna Festival dresses and the movie “Feathers”


The artist, Ashraf Zaki, the captain of the acting professions, commented on the controversy caused by the El Gouna Film Festival due to the actresses’ dresses, and the screening of the movie “feathers”, which caused the discontent of some of the artists participating in the festival and their withdrawal during the screening of the film.

He said, in a phone call with the media, “Syed Ali” on the “Hazrat Al-Muwatin” program broadcast on “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” channel, that “any festival in the world has its own and what it has to do, and the dresses are not the festival… and let us take the positive side that the country Safe and doing big festivals.”

Zaki stressed that the festivals that are held in Egypt, such as the El Gouna or Cairo Film Festival, find an international response.

He added, “Our participation in the festival was aimed at supporting the country and not the festival itself, although we must stand by and support our festivals.”

And he added: “The El Gouna Festival imposed itself on the international artistic scene, not just the Egyptian and Arab… I was in the Emirates before the festival and found artists there, whether from the Emirates, Syria, Jordan or Saudi Arabia, all of them expressed their great interest in following the festival.”

The Acting Professions Syndicate stressed that his participation in the closing ceremony was specifically for the purpose of sending a message confirming that he is with the festival and not against it.

He continued: “As for people talking about the negatives of El Gouna, what is the whole world in which there are negatives, and if the tastes did not differ, the goods would be sold out. Undoubtedly, the festival organizers re-evaluate the festival every year and refute the negatives and positives.”

As for his opinion on the movie “feathers” and his position on what some say that it offends Egypt, Ashraf Zaki said: “I did not see the film, but the statement issued by a decent life I fully support, and not the movie that distorts Egypt, because the Egyptian state is great and big.”


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