Watch: Yasmine Sabry’s father attacks his daughter again


The audience of the Egyptian artist, who recently provoked controversy, Yasmine Sabry, was surprised after her father, Dr. Ashraf Sabry, attacked her during a telephone interview with the “Hazrat Al-Muwatin” program.

The presenter of the media program, Sayed Ali, asked Dr. Sabri about the reason behind their absence from the wedding of his eldest and only son, and he lives in America, stressing that his son stood by their side on many occasions, and he came specially from the United States of America to attend their various occasions.He added, “I did not imagine that a person would be ungrateful to a brother who is older than them, and this happened without any reasons or introductions, and there were no differences or associations that prevented them from attending their brother’s wedding, so that he did not receive any apology from his daughter or congratulations after the wedding.” her brother.”

It is reported that the Egyptian artist, Yasmine Sabry, completely refused to attend the wedding of her brother, who is currently in the United States of America, in order to attend the El Gouna Film Festival 2021, without making any excuses for her and her mother.


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