Watch your favorite movie at your convenience.. The frequency of the new Rotana Cinema channel 2021


Over the past hours, the search for . has increased Channel Frequency The new Rotana Cinema 2021, where the frequency was changed at the beginning of the current year, in order to watch movies with ease, and we will learn through this report about the channel’s frequency, and the steps to adjust the channel’s frequency on the Nilesat satellite, and download it on TV.

The frequency of the new Rotana Cinema channel 2021:

  • Satellite: Nilesat.
  • Frequency: 12226.
  • Style: DVB-S
  • Edit: QPSK
  • Coding rate: 27500.
  • Error correction factor: 5/6.
  • Polarization: horizontal.

Steps to adjust the channel frequency on the TV and receiver:

  1. The Menu button, or the menu on the remote control, is pressed.
  2. Then click on the word Options, which is in the menu.
  3. Choose the Install or Installation button.
  4. Choose the satellite, Arabsat or Nilesat, from the list of satellites Sat Menu.
  5. Then you can choose the frequency of the channel.
  6. Choose the horizontal frequency H.
  7. After that type the encoding rate 27500, then press OK.
  8. After completing the search for the channel, click on Save.
  9. Finally, the channel will be downloaded at the new frequency to watch all recent movies.

While the channel shows old and modern films, while the Rotana channel network shows the masterpieces of old films and Umm Kulthum concerts, through the Rotana Zaman channel screen, and drama series is shown on the Rotana Drama Network, and listening to songs through the Rotana Music channel.


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