What did Aliyev sacrifice to prevent Iran from attacking Azerbaijan?


What did Aliyev sacrifice to prevent Iran from attacking Azerbaijan?


What did Aliyev sacrifice to prevent Iran from attacking Azerbaijan?

Under the above title, Alexander Sitnikov wrote, in “Svobodnaya Prisa”, about a dangerous Azerbaijani attempt that ended in Iran’s interest.

In the Iranian news, the conflict with Azerbaijan has receded into the background. This is undoubtedly related to the beginning of the diplomatic thaw between the two countries. The Foreign Ministers of Iran and Azerbaijan, with the blessing of their leaders, are doing their best to ease the tension that has arisen between the two sides over the past month.

On October 13, Azerbaijani Foreign Minister Jehun Bayramov had telephone conversations with his Iranian counterpart Hossein Amir Abdollahian. According to sources in the two ministries, the two sides discussed mutual demands and expressed their readiness to get out of the confrontation situation.

Both Peramov and Amir Abdollahian reported that both sides were working on solving the transit problem that arose due to the blockade imposed by the Azerbaijanis on the “Iran-Artsakh and Iran-Armenia” roads. The Iranian foreign minister said frankly that Tehran expects Iranian trucks to run back and forth (to Stepanakert and southern Armenia) as they did before, ie without any restrictions. That is, without payments and inspections.

The Times of Israel, the mouthpiece of Tel Aviv, reported that Baku and Tehran had secretly agreed on something. Yes, there is now insignificant political bargaining over transit, but Iran appears generally satisfied with the behind-the-scenes negotiations. There are even rumors among Iranian bloggers that Aliyev asked the Israelis to leave the base in Sechai, from which it was said that attacks against Iran’s nuclear facilities could have been launched. If this is true, Baku has fulfilled Tehran’s most important requirements, and it can drool over the transit issue.

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