What did Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi say about the artists’ clothes at the El Gouna Festival?


Egyptian preacher Khaled El-Gendy, a member of the Supreme Council of Islamic Affairs, commented on what appeared during the El Gouna Film Festival of clothes described as nudity and finery, saying: As artists have given themselves the right to criticize religious discourse, we have the right to criticize artistic discourse.

Al-Jundi said, during his program “May They Understand” broadcast on the dmc satellite channel, yesterday evening, Thursday: We, as religious scholars, are not down for baggage, or at the back of our knees, and we have the right to talk about art. .

Al-Jundi added: Moral corruption is rejected, women’s nudity is rejected, because women are turned into commodities in the slave market, and displaying their bodies does not serve art, morals, religion or life.

Sheikh Khaled Al-Jundi concluded his talk: How can we find someone who belongs to religion and steals, bribes and abuses his neighbors, stressing that our misfortune is not in religious values ​​but in the application of religion, and that there are things in religion that we do not improve.


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