What does Chinese space tourism and its similarities to SpaceX rockets look like?


CAS Space, a commercial branch of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), has unveiled mock-ups of its space tourism rocket that appears to be heavily inspired by two American forces, the Blue Origin and SpaceX, the top of the Chinese rocket is similar to the Blue Origin New Shepard. While the body looks like SpaceX’s Starship, complete with side fins that guide the landing of the craft.

According to the British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, CAS Space aims to start sending customers into sub-orbital space in 2024, according to the company’s press release, the rocket will accommodate up to seven passengers, who will spend 10 minutes in zero gravity above the Karmann line, the limit The boundary between Earth’s atmosphere and outer space, is about 62 miles above Earth’s surface.

Space tourism was once an idea only seen in sci-fi movies, but last year, three billionaires turned the adventure into a reality.

Virgin Galactic founder Richard Branson and Blue Origin’s Bezos have ventured into suborbital space, and although Musk has yet to make the trip himself, his company recently sent four civilians into the final orbit on a three-day trip around Earth.

China could be the next country to join the space tourism industry, with the first manned group in just two years.

The missile, which is scheduled to be reusable, will undergo several tests before its manned launch, and a suborbital demo is set for 2022, followed by an uncrewed mission a year later, after which the company’s suborbital tourism services can begin.

However, the CAS Space schedule is very ambitious compared to the US companies that have already sent space tourists many years after the idea began.


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