What is the danger caused by the earbuds that everyone uses?


03:00 am

Monday 11 October 2021


Technology has evolved to become a part of daily human life, and headphones are a necessity for some to maintain privacy and prevent disturbance to others, but they cause damage to the ear.

A new study revealed that long-term use of headphones may cause earwax problems, and thus ear problems and may harm hearing, according to what was published by the “MedicForum” website, and transmitted by Sputnik.

The ear contains a waxy sulfur liquid called “earwax”, which moisturizes the skin of the outer ear canal and works to protect it from pollution, insects and bacteria and prevents water from entering. Obstruction in the cleaning process and prevents the wax from coming out naturally.

Prolonged use of headphones causes many problems, such as: earwax collects so that it becomes difficult to remove and may need the help of a doctor, the ear stops cleaning itself, causing inflammation, blocks the flow of air, which leads to moisture due to excessive sweating, increases the possibility of bacterial and fungal infections Hearing loss caused by high volume and increased pressure in the ear, caused pollution because the headphones were not cleaned permanently, and thus increased the possibility of infections.

Wax buildup in the ear causes hearing problems and ringing in the ears, as well as pain and itching in the ears.


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