What you do not know about Maria Eugenia Suarez, the reason for the collapse of Icardi and Wanda Naras relationship


Mauro Icardi, the Paris Saint-Germain striker, separated from his wife, Wanda Nara, the businesswoman, after it was confirmed that the reason for the separation was due to his betrayal of her, according to what Wanda Nara announced through her account on Instagram..

As the newspaper revealed The newspaper The Italian, reported that Wanda Nara, 34, had found out about her husband’s betrayal of her, and wrote this via Instagram, saying: “Another family destroyed her for the sake of a prostitute.”.

And Wanda deleted all the photos they had collected, which sparked a lot of controversy in their homeland, Argentina, as well as Italy and France, and the press started talking about Mauro Icardi’s betrayal of his wife and his agent, which was confirmed by Nara, who also stopped following the player on social media for the immediate separation..

The Argentine striker has been married to his compatriot Wanda Nara since 2014, and they have two daughters, and the three children Nara gave birth to with Argentine player Maxi Lopez, her ex-husband, also live with them..

Eugena Suarez is a 29-year-old Argentine actress and model, and Wanda Nara followed her on social media for a while after she suspected that she had a relationship with Icardi, and she left Paris, her current residence with her husband, suddenly after discovering the matter..


Eugenia Suarez married actor Nicolas Capri, with whom she had a daughter, Rufina, born in 2013, and then married Chilean actor Benjamin Vicuna, with whom she has two other children, Magnolia 2018 and Amancio 2020.

Eugena Suarez began her career as a model, then became a star in Argentine series in 2007, and in 2012 she starred in the series The only onesThen she participated in a series Only youHer most recent work was the television series Alternative Therapy, and Eugenia Suarez has more than five million followers on her Instagram account..

Eugena Suarez, better known by her stage name China Suarez, is one of the most sought-after actresses in South America, and the reason for the split between Wanda Nara and Icardi is rumored to be the love at first sight between the two new lovers..

According to the newspaper Clarin Argentinian, the reason for the separation was the betrayal of the Paris Saint-Germain star of his wife.fox‘, a word synonymous with prostitution and used by Nara to refer to China Suarez.

Videos and rumors surfaced online in 2018, when there was already talk of Mauro Icardi’s possible interest in the Argentine actress..

According to the newspaper, Icardi liked some pictures of Eugenia Suarez on her social media accounts, especially the pictures that show her charms, which made his wife jealous, so rumors began to appear, especially in South America..


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