When Rushdi Abaza proceeded to kill Magda when they were two children.. what did the cinema Jean do


The relationship between Jean Cinema, the great artist Rushdi Abaza and the great artist Magda, did not begin after their artistic career began or when they co-starred in a number of films, the most famous of which are Teenagers and Eve on the Road, but it began in childhood, as revealed by Rushdi Abaza in an old rare article.

Jean Cinemas said in his article entitled “Forgive me, Magda” that he used to live in a house in the Opera Square next to Magdas family’s house, and he had a friendship with her older brother Mustafa, who was the same age and they had a hobby of cycling.

Rushdi Abaza explained that he and Mustafa, Magdas brother, were eleven years old, while Magda was five years old.

Abaza continued, “We used to go out every day to race bikes and exchange wins. Once he won, and once I won, and once we went out to race and started the match and Magda was waiting for us at a specific place, but I came back before Mustafa and kept cycling in the opera square and Magda followed me and insisted on riding behind me and fulfilling her desire.” Once, but she kept insisting a second time, so I responded to her desire despite my distress, and a third time, I refused and bought my bicycle, but she kept running after me.

The great artist added: “Magda clung to the back of the bike and kept pulling her back, and I’m trying to stop her and reduce my speed so that she doesn’t fall, but she insisted on harassing me until I lost my nerves and found myself without feeling her pushing her with my feet strongly, so she swayed a little and then hit the hard ground and screamed and then fell silent once. “

The great artist confirmed that he was terrified at the time and thought that she had died and was injured by Hatira, so he ran away with his bike so that no one would see him, and after that he did not communicate with his friend Mustafa, fearing that his sister told him what happened.

The great artist confirmed that Magda may have forgotten this incident, but he did not forget it because he remained in terror for a while afterwards, fearing that he would be arrested if something happened to her. Participation in the films you produce after reading the article.


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