When the Council of Ministers met at the home of Sultana Al-Tarab, Munira Al-Mahdiyya..I know the story


The great artist and singer, Munira al-Mahdiyya, was the largest singer of her time, so she was called the Sultana of Tarab, and with her talent and voice she became of great importance.

Munira al-Mahdiya, who was born in Alexandria and grew up as an orphan child who was sponsored by her older sister after the death of her parents, began her talent as a child and memorized many old songs and muwashshahs. Her income amounted to 800 pounds per month, and it was a fantastic amount at this time. After that, she began singing in more than one theater due to the high demand of the masses, and her income reached more than 1000 pounds per month. Then, she set up a private theater for herself and rented the “Zahret al-Noufs” hall, which was frequented by senior people. She became Egypt’s first undisputed singer, presented masterpieces of musical plays, and worked with her: Hussein Riad, Najib Al-Rihani, Saleh Abdel-Hay and Mohamed Abdel-Wahhab, and she sang for the great composers, including Sayed Darwish, Al-Qasabgy and Daoud Hosni.

The house and theater of Munira al-Mahdiyya were frequented by many senior statesmen, including Hussein Pasha Rushdi, the prime minister, who was a big fan of Munira al-Mahdiyyas voice and was proud of this admiration. An urgent matter happened that called for a cabinet meeting urgently, so it was not from Hussein Pasha Rushdie that the cabinet meeting was held in Munira al-Mahdiyya’s house, especially since a number of government ministers were attending the ceremony with him.


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