“White encourages” .. Zamalek defeats Al-Ahly and includes the Pyramids star for free, starting in the summer of 2022


Media reports revealed that Al-Ahly and Zamalek were in a strong struggle to obtain the services of the player Ahmed Ayman Mansour, the star of the Pyramids club and the defender of the Egyptian national team, whose contract with the heavenly team expires at the end of the new season, which encouraged both poles to enter into negotiations in order to kidnap the player for free. And without paying any fees to the Pyramids club, which is a huge blow to the club’s management.

The source explained that Zamalek was the one who won in this conflict, for several reasons, the most prominent of which is the player’s tendency towards the White Castle, due to the fact that his father, Captain Ayman Mansour, is one of the legends of the White Castle, and this is in addition to the desire of the coach, Carteron, to contract with the player and he spoke more than once to the media. About the great capabilities of the Pyramids defender, which makes him able to participate mainly with Zamalek club.

Some media reports confirmed that the Zamalek club was very close to obtaining the services of “Ahmed Ayman Mansour” during the current summer Mercato, but the registration crisis disrupted the deal at the last minute.

The Pyramids administration recently announced that there are serious negotiations with Zamalek for a huge exchange deal, one of which will be Ahmed Ayman Mansour, but that deal went unheeded because of the problem of Zamalek and the restriction.

It is worth noting that the Zamalek club faces a penalty of deprivation of contracts for two consecutive periods ending in the summer of 2022, so it is certain that Zamalek does not make any new deals in this period until after the end of the penalty period signed by the Sports Court and the International Football Association.


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