“Who are you?” Elham Shaheen sends a message to her critics


Egyptian actress Elham Shaheen sent a strongly worded message to her critics, after declaring her intention to donate organs after her death.

Today, the star said, via the “ET Arabi” program: “Because I hate the social media, I hate criticism… I limit my pages and I send them pictures and comments, but my life in my life I have not read a comment, neither good nor evil.”

She added, commenting on the criticism she was subjected to: “I tell them: Who are you? There are people who are meaningless, sitting and having fun, and I don’t have time to have fun, and I don’t have time to convince anyone of my point of view, but of course there are people who say they attack you.”

And she continued, “The people who attacked me for organ donation and said it is forbidden, see the opinion of religion and the sheikhs who understand, you ignorant of religion.”



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