Who has the most beautiful view on the third day of El Gouna?


03:31 PM

Sunday 17 October 2021

I wrote – Shaima Morsi

Photography – Alaa Ahmed

While appearing on the red carpet at the fifth El Goun Film Festival, the art stars were keen to choose the best looks in terms of design and colors.

In the following pages, we will show you the most beautiful look that sparked controversy on the third day, as explained by the designer and fashion consultant Zizi Al-Shorbagy.

Fashion designer Zeinab El-Shorbagy says that it is the artist Mayan El-Sayed who deserves this title on the third day of the El Gouna Festival.

Actress Mayan El-Sayed grabbed attention on the red carpet on the second day of the El Gouna Film Festival in a light gray midi-cut dress that accentuates her gracefulness.

Zainab told “Masrawy”, that Mayan is the most beautiful view in terms of her presence, her laughter, and her very simple dress.

The fashion designer described her look as simple and beautiful.

On the red carpet, stars and stars shine with diverse, elegant, attractive or even exciting and strange looks during the days of the festival, and they usually grab attention and become the talk of the pioneers of social networking sites.

The fifth edition of the festival will continue this year until October 22, with the participation of filmmakers from about 36 countries.

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