Why did Ahmed El-Sakka start his press conference in “Cinema El Gouna” with


01:19 PM

Friday 15 October 2021

El Gouna – Mona El Mougy:

Photography – Alaa Ahmed:

El Gouna Festival Director Enchael Al-Tamimi presented the press conference held within the honoring program of the artist Ahmed El-Sakka, from the fifth edition of El Gouna Film Festival, stressing that he would not add much to what actress Hend Sabry said yesterday while handing the El Gouna Prize for Creative Achievement at the festival’s opening ceremony.

At the beginning of his speech, Al-Saqa apologized if the audience mistakenly understood that he had detracted from the generation of the eighties and nineties, who preceded the appearance of the films “Saidi in the American University” and “Ismailia Rayeh Gay”, and said that he meant the presence of great talents, but the possibilities and equipment were less and were not given to the children This generation is an opportunity to show their talents and abilities.

He said, “I cannot underestimate or underestimate the value of that generation. I meant that the political and economic conditions at that time played a role and affected negatively, and I hope that I have now made clear what I meant by my speech yesterday about post-1967 cinema.”

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