With a length of 120 km and passing through 6 governorates.. What is the new road between Benha and D


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Saturday 23 October 2021

Books – Muhammad Nassar:

The Ministry of Transport is currently implementing a new longitudinal axis extending from the Banha area to the city of Damietta.

Masrawy reviews the most important information related to the road, according to the statement of the Ministry of Transport regarding it, as follows:

1- The axis links the Cairo-Alexandria agricultural road with the international coastal road.

2- Cole axis reaches 120 km.

3- It includes 15 industrial works (15 bridges) to serve the movement of passengers and goods.

4- The axis passes through 6 governorates in Lower Egypt and the Delta (Qalyubia – Sharkia – Dakahlia – Damietta – Gharbia – Kafr El-Sheikh).

5- The road passes directly on 3 of the capitals of the 6 governorates (Benha – Mansoura – Damietta).

6- Extension of the road from Benha to Mansoura and the construction of a free road east of Al-Riyah Al-Tawfiqi, with a length of 70 km, with a width of 4 lanes, to be the direction of traffic after the completion of the entire project from Cairo to Mansoura, east of the wind by 4 lanes. To Cairo by 4 lanes.

7- The distance from Mansoura to Damietta will be widened at a length of 50 km by 2 lanes, so that the road in this distance will be 2 lanes in each direction.

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