Witness: Hanan Shawky raises controversy with her statements about Adel Imam


Actress Hanan Shawky made fiery statements in response to the program’s presenter’s questions, which were presented to her during her hosting of the “Ness El Kalam” program.

Hanan said in response to Raghidas question: Who is stronger in acting, Adel Imam or Ahmed Zaki? “Of course, Ahmed Zaki, but Adel Imam has charisma, and if he does any work, it will look sweet,” according to (her).In response to another question: Who is the most brilliant artist of her generation, Yosra or Laila Elwi? She said, “Indeed, Yousra is a smart artist, and one of the six strong women in life and in her work, and she is able to overcome barriers, with her prescription for continuity.”

In response to a question: Who is No. 1 on TV currently, Karim Abdel Aziz or Muhammad Ramadan?, she said: “Karim Abdel Aziz, because Karim last Ramadan, I felt that Nour Al-Sharif and Ahmed Zaki did not die, and I felt that he was removing the artistic community on his hands.”

And she added, “I felt that the artistic community accepted Karim Abdel Aziz, and I do not like to follow any need for Muhammad Ramadan, because I do not know how to watch someone who is not honest, but that he has charisma and acts like Ahmed Zaki until he swallows an empty stomach.”

Hanan Shawqi continued her speech, saying: “I do not like the sons of Adam, who oppresses the sons of Adam, takes a pun on the social media, wastes the lives of the sons of Adam, and loses one entity all the time living in it… This is not an artist, this art is the finest thing in existence, I will not work with him even if he owes me millions of millions, and he is the one who did this to himself.”


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