Yalla Kora interviews Iago Santos


Iago Santos is considered one of the most prominent defenders in the Saudi League, after joining the ranks of Al-Taawoun a year ago, where the Brazilian player is distinguished by scoring goals by headers, to score five goals since his arrival.

“Yalla Koura” interviewed Iago Santos, the defender of Saudi cooperation, who is speaking for the first time about Carteron and his former friend Ahmed Sayed “Zizou” after he played together in the Portuguese Moreirense ranks, and he sends a message to the fans of Sukari Al-Qassim.

Here are the details of the conversation:

– What is the difference between Patrice Carteron and all the coaches who supervised the Taawon training?

Carteron likes to organize defensively and prevent opponents from coming out with the ball to carry out attacks, coach Nestor likes to put pressure on the opponent during 90 minutes, as for Gomez, he likes possession of the ball and the dynamism of play.

What is your message to Ahmed Sayed “Zizou”, the current Zamalek player?

I wish him all the best in his sporting career, and to be in safe hands, and he has a great coach in Zamalek, Carteron.

– Why did cooperation appear to be declining this season, and will Gomez’s presence change the team’s performance?

We didn’t start well, but with the arrival of the Portuguese coach Gomez gave the team extra motivation, I’m sure we will get out of this situation with the work of the coach.

– What is the hardest striker you have faced in the Saudi League?

The Angolan striker, Fabio Abreu, is a very distinguished player on the field.

– What do you think about the level of Saudi defenders, and is the Saudi player qualified to be professional abroad?

They are good, professional defenders. I think the Saudi defender can play in Europe.

Who is the best Saudi and foreign player in the Saudi League this season?

The best Saudi player is Salem Al Dosari of Al Hilal, while the best foreign player is Igor Cornado of Al Ittihad.

– Which team is closest to getting the Saudi League this season, from your point of view, and why?

Al Hilal has a strong team that is well prepared for the league.

– The defense of cooperation has become easy to penetrate, what are the reasons for that, and did changing the playing plans caused that?

Every coach has his own tactic, we are in a transitional phase and I am sure we will return to our strong defensive style in the coming period.

To whom do you owe credit for your football career?

I owe it to my family and also to my agent Julio Aguiar, who is also part of my family for me and we have worked together for several years. Everyone is very close to me and gives me a lot of advice and helped me get to where I am today.

What is your message to the fans?

My message to the Taawon fans, they should continue to support the team, we will get out of this situation and give them a lot of joy in the coming times.


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