Yasmine Abdelaziz’s evil sister to Al Arabiya.net: People hated me


“Raq al-Habib” is one of the monologues that Umm Kulthum sang about by Kawkab al-Sharq, presented in 1941. It was written by Ahmed Rami and composed by Muhammad al-Qasabgy, but with the young Egyptian actress Basant al-Nabawy, it is the name of the series of episodes that were shown in the series “Behind Every Door”, which deals with Many problems and social issues raised in Egyptian society.

As soon as she finished shooting that quintet, she started shooting a new movie. And about these two works and others that she will present during the coming period, Basant spoke in an exclusive interview with Al Arabiya.net about her scenes and her relationship with the star Yasmine Abdel Aziz, whom she considers as a close friend to her.

*Tell us first about the series “Behind Every Door” and its scenes, and what happened with it?

** We got strong reactions that I did not expect, as the series is a group of episodes or tales, and each story consists of 5 episodes, and I was chosen to participate in a quintet entitled “Raq al-Habib”, the scriptwriter Ahmed Abdel Fattah is presented in this quintuple as Love says in The last stages of life, he wanted to bring back examples of a time gone from memory and forgotten, and feelings lost in the crowd of life, by proposing and discussing many problems and social issues and how to find solutions to them through a distinctive scenario, written by the author Ahmed Abdel Fattah very professionally, within the framework of A social thriller with ups and downs of feelings and sensations, and the name of the episodes was inspired by the song Kawkab Al Sharq Umm Kulthum “Raq Al Habib”, and we were playing this song almost all the time during filming.

Basant Al Nabarawy

Basant Al Nabarawy

How do you rate this new experience for you?

** It is indeed a different experience on all levels, and I am happy with my participation in this work, as it is new and distinct, and I enjoyed working in it because of the drama of a human nature. The character “Nashwa” that I embodied in the series is a new role on me that has a tragic character, so it exhausted me a lot, Because she has different and often intertwined emotions and feelings, but I was not worried when I was shown the series in which I collaborated with director Ismail Tawfik and a large number of stars such as the able Sawsan Badr, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Muhammad Najati and others.

*You had a participation in the movie “My Bride”, what about her?

** I am happy with this participation in the film. I was nominated by director Mohamed Bakir and the production company, with whom I was pleased to work with him because he is a wonderful director. I also liked the idea of ​​the film as soon as I read the script, and I hoped that my role in the film would be larger, as I showed it as a guest of honor In two scenes, my viewers gathered me with Jamila Awad and Ahmed Hatem, and I am happy to stand in front of them, especially as I embody the role of Jamila Awad’s friend.

* Have you finished filming the new and last parts of the series “Miss Farah”?

** I have already finished filming the fourth and fifth parts of the series, which are the last two parts of it, while the third part is being shown on the Shahid VIP website, and it is one of the distinguished works in which I participated recently, where the oldest character of a girl named Dr. Najwa works as a business manager for a famous artist and presents This character is the artist Tamer Farag, and she controls all his artistic decisions firmly and firmly, pointing out that she has a solid and strong will, as she always sees that she must build herself by herself, and does not depend on anyone, but others can rely on her.

Yasmine Abdelaziz and Basant Al Nabarawy

Yasmine Abdelaziz and Basant Al Nabarawy

Who recommended you to work in this series? What are your reactions to the third part?

** Director Wael Farag was the one who nominated me to work, and I received different reactions, although the consensus was that they liked the character, and I was able to present it well, but the audience loves the artist Tamer Farag, so the most prominent comments were “How do you treat him like that?” And “whatever one wishes for.” The character, as I explained before, controlled all his decisions. I was a somewhat domineering character, and all of her interest in work, and she wanted to be a successful businesswoman, and this is what scared me of the role, but people liked it.

* You presented another “authoritarian” character last Ramadan through the series “The One Who Doesn’t Have Great”, so how did you find this work, especially with it being shown on many stations again recently?

** All of Egypt hated me and many thought that this was my true personality, and what saddened me the most was the children’s fear of me, and some of my friends were also afraid of me. My character in the series “Elly Maloosh Kabir” is Yasmine Abdel Aziz’s big sister. She was not exhausted, but difficult, as she embodied the role of The able girl who takes her right in her own hand and always quarrels, the character needed focus by explaining to the viewer that you are playing the role of “evil”.

I remember that when director Mostafa Fikry talked to me about the role, and I began to read the entire script and see the dimensions of the character, I felt that it was unusually evil. With the artist Hana Al-Zahid in the story “No magic or sorcery”, but it was not as bad as the character of “Sama”.

* How was your relationship with Yasmine Abdel Aziz? And backstage working with her?

** The location was very sweet, when I photographed with Yasmine Abdelaziz, I found her a beautiful personality and taste, and she received me with a great welcome, and gave the filming a great joy, and I remember that there was a scene that brought me together, and we were supposed to quarrel together, but she “went me” which made the location turn from a quarrel to Laughing and having fun and I feel a tremendous happiness to work with her as she is a very diverse and successful artist. And the entire staff was very nice and the day was going nicely, everyone was cooperative with each other, there were people for the first time I deal with them and in spite of that the atmosphere was sweet between us, and we were cooperative in all matters.

* What’s new with you?

** I contracted on a new movie that will start shooting in the coming period between November and December, but I am not allowed to reveal details about it at the present time.


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