Yasmine Sabry’s dress in “El Gouna” was previously worn by Georgina Rodriguez a few days ago. Find out in the pictures the modifications to the design


Yasmine Sabry, the Egyptian star, caught the eye during her presence at the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival 2021, which was held yesterday evening, Thursday, and appeared in a yellow dress resembling princess dresses designed by Rami Kadi.

Yasmine Sabry grabs the attention with her appearance at the opening of “El Gouna Film Festival”

Although the dress caught everyone’s attention, some thought that it also resembled the latest dress that Cristiano Ronaldos girlfriend Georgina Rodriguez wore in the latest photo session, which also stole everyone’s attention.

The audience often makes comparisons between the looks of Yasmine Sabry and the looks of Georgina because of their similar style, and after the Egyptian star appeared at the opening ceremony of the El Gouna Film Festival 2021 in a narrow yellow dress with one shoulder wide, ribbed and decorated with bright ribbed embroidery of the same color, and a scarf from the back of chiffon is connected to it. Which gave him a distinctive shape, drew attention again, as Georgina Rodriguez had previously worn a similar design only four days before Yasmine Sabry appeared in it.


Yasmine Sabry with a look similar to Georgina Rodriguez’s look

Yasmine Sabry was keen to choose the dress from the collection of the Lebanese designer Rami Kadi for the spring and summer of 2020, and only changed the color. about the belt.

Georgina alters the basic design of the dress

Rami Kadi had announced that the model Georgina had worn a dress of his design, which appears to be the same dress that Yasmine wore and the same material of fabric used, but she made some changes to it, as she decided to be much shorter and without sleeves and connected to a long scarf from one side, but It also came close to the original design, to make sure some of the Egyptian star’s followers that her taste is very similar to the Argentine model.

Pictures of Yasmine Sabry from the filming of Walaa Ghoneim and others from the official El Gouna Festival account on Instagram


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