Yasmine Sabry’s father attacks her: “Consider your brother the lady of the rain and stand beside him.”


Dr. Ashraf Sabry, the father of the artist, Yasmine Sabry, sent a message to his daughter because she did not attend her brother’s wedding, saying: “It is money that can change souls in this way… We are hidden, but we do not have female pilots and millionaires.”

He added, during a telephone interview he had with the media, Sayed Ali, on the “Hazrat Al-Citizen” program broadcast on the “Al-Hadath” satellite channel, that he did not imagine that stardom and fame could reach a person to this extent, indicating that he had heard about the Lady of Rain and her support.

He directed his speech to her, saying: Consider your brother as the Lady of the Rain and support him by attending, not with money, pointing out that he marvels at someone who claims to do good on the surface and on the inside is the exact opposite.


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