Yasmine Sabry’s father continues to attack his daughter: I heard about the Lady of the Rain.. I will stand next to your brother!


Hadeel Hilal

Posted on: Saturday, October 16, 2021 – 9:05 PM | Last update: Saturday, October 16, 2021 – 9:05 PM

Ashraf Sabry, the father of the artist, Yasmine Sabry, continued to attack his daughter and her mother; Because they did not attend his son’s wedding, stressing that his son stood by them on many occasions and was specially coming from the United States of America to attend various occasions.

He added, during a telephone interview to the “Hazrat Al-Muwatin” program, presented by the journalist Sayed Ali on “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” satellite channel, on Saturday evening: “I did not imagine that a person would be ungrateful with this ingratitude. I do not know why she did not attend her brother’s wedding. The matter was without any reasons or introductions.” , denying that there are differences between his sons, or associations that prevent them from attending their brother’s wedding, except for changing souls.

He pointed out that he did not receive an apology from his daughter or congratulations after her brother’s wedding, adding: “When I see my eldest son crying, why do they do this for me? This is why I love them and I feel that I want to break the world and do many things, because when a man cries, it is more powerful than a woman’s crying.”

He continued, “Is money able to change souls to such a degree? They were raised in a very respectable house. My father is a marine, and I am a doctor. We were brought up well. We are not billionaires or own planes. We are people in the middle. I brought up my children in a house with a garden and a swimming pool, and everyone has a separate room and a personal life.”

And he added, “Does the stardom do that, guys? I heard about the Lady of the Rain..Can I stand next to your brother, what is this insincere talk from within? I am sad and perhaps the situation is an example for many famous people to be closer to their family.”

He confirmed that he did not try to blame his daughter for not attending her brother’s wedding; Because the method was not good and his grief for his son, he concluded: “In our religion and our civilization there are deep roots that father and mother have priority in every need, but throwing them away is something I do not wish for anyone.”

Ashraf Sabry, head of the Association for Diving and Conservation of the Marine Environment in Alexandria, launched a sharp attack on his daughter, artist Yasmine Sabry, and her mother and sisters, because of their refusal to attend their brother’s wedding.

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