Yassin Mansour: Al-Ahly’s football company bears full responsibility for football in early July 2022


Yassin Mansour, head of the Al-Ahly football company, confirmed that the company came in a phone call from Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the club’s president, six months ago, and it was one of the shortest calls we had.

Yassin Mansour added, in a live video on the sidelines of Mahmoud Al-Khatib’s conference, that the council was interested in establishing companies in the name of Al-Ahly Club and said: “Al-Ahly is the great family home, and the approval to take over the presidency of the football company came very quickly.”

He explained that the Al-Ahly company carried a very heavy load, and therefore it was important that I accompanied with me on the company’s board of directors two personalities who have a long history in football, namely, Engineer Mustafa Fahmy and Hossam Ghaly, and the coming period will witness the addition of many names that are chosen very carefully.

Yassin Mansour pointed out that the presence of Amr Shaheen as CEO of the company is also a very big gain, pointing out that the company’s management has been formed from 3 generations and everyone hands over the flag to serve Al-Ahly Club and to preserve its values ​​and principles.

He explained that the brand must always be renewed at all levels, and Al-Ahly is a big name and a huge brand at the international level, and it remains the largest ever at the continental and regional level, and this matter we look forward to preserving, and it is achieved through tournaments.

Yassin Mansour confirmed that Al-Ahly’s football company is 100% owned by the club, explaining that the coming period will witness the sale of some shares of this company, but we are waiting for the ideal timing in this file, stressing that Al-Ahly is looking forward to preserving the title of Century Club for the coming centuries.

He said: “The launch of the company means transferring everything related to football in the club to the company, as it will deal in various fields related to football, broadcasting, its rights, social media platforms, sponsorship rights, buds, the academy and the first team through Al-Ahly’s football company.”

He explained that this matter needs more time in order to manage the matter perfectly, stressing that everything related to football will be received, and this will be in 4 time stages, stressing that the receipt of the ball activity will be on 7-1-2022.

Yassin Mansour stated that the first phase started and continued until last September, by looking at the contracts and the financial position of the football team, during which many intensive meetings were held with the football sectors.

He added: “The second phase began and ends at the end of this year and includes a review of all legal matters; In order to legally review the company’s assets.”

He explained that the meetings are continuing with the various departments of the club, noting that the evaluation of human resources in the various departments has begun to discuss the elements that we need in the final structure, as advanced stages have been reached in the broadcasting rights file, in addition to the transfer of the football team files gradually, in a parallel framework. For accounting and legal reviews.

He stated that the first intervention of the football company will be in the upcoming winter transfer period, stressing that the third and fourth phases witness the completion of the previously announced framework in order for the company to take over all its responsibilities related to the football sectors.

He explained that the company’s first and main goal is to win championships, because the Al-Ahly Football Company aims to preserve achievements, championships and records, and this goal goes in parallel with achieving financial and investment profit.

Yassin Mansour concluded his speech, stressing that all global systems are being discussed in this regard to develop an organizational structure for the company after the human resources evaluation of all employees in this regard.


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