You will not believe how Hamouda became a lover from Shalaby in the movie The Magician


Most of us watched the famous movie, The Magician, starring the late great artist Mahmoud Abdel Aziz, Menna Shalaby, Salwa Khattab, and a number of other distinguished artists, and directed by Radwan Al-Kashef.

After its release in 2001, the film achieved great success and won the most prominent awards of the Egyptian Film Association Festival in the session

The twenty-ninth in March 2003, out of seven films in competition,

At that time, the film won the award for Best Film, Direction, Music (Hisham Nazih), Photography (Mohsen Nasr), and Actress in a Supporting Role (Salwa Khattab).

If we remember the scenes of the movie, we will remember the role of Hamouda, the young man who loved Menna Shalaby and wanted to marry her, as he is their neighbor in the region.

The strange thing is that this artist has completely disappeared and his role in the movie The Magician has not yet appeared.

His name is Sri Al-Najjar. He is an Egyptian actor, born in Alexandria Governorate on January 1, 1976, and he is 45 years old.

Director “Osama Fawzy” discovered him at the University Theater and assigned him a role in the movie “Jannat Al Shayatin” in 1999 starring Mahmoud Hemida.

Sri Al-Najjar studied theater and philosophy at the American University and then traveled to England to study theater, where he excelled in performing

The roles of evil and the embodiment of the role of the thug, and his facial features helped him in that.

Sri Al-Najjar participated in many films, including:

– the magician.

– Dell the fish.

Adam’s Autumn

– City.

Paradise of Demons, and was represented in the series Mokhawa Al-Deeb and Mahaji Al-Ajaweed.

He now lives in Stockholm, Sweden, and publishes many photos and videos through his official Facebook account.

We publish photos of him that he used to publish through his official account, and his features have changed dramatically compared to his appearance in the movie The Magician.


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