“You will not reconcile” the Al-Ahly star rejects all of Al-Khatib’s offers and the club’s management is in trouble


Nigerian Junior Ajay, the Al-Ahly club player, has sparked a major crisis during the past few days with the club’s management and the ball apparatus due to the player’s anger at resolving his position and his fate with the Red Castle, after Pitso Musimani stated his desire to abandon the player’s services, and Ajay recently spoke angry with Al-Ahly officials. Regarding his being placed on the waiting list for the team and his failure to receive the value of his contract for the remaining season with Al-Ahly Club.

In light of these differences, the Nigerian Junior Ajay filed a complaint with the International Football Association “FIFA” against the club, formally demanding the termination of his contract with the club and obtaining $ 900,000 in the last season of his contract, after the Al-Ahly administration put him on the waiting list, in addition to Sayed’s decision. Abdel Hafeez, the club’s director of football, fined the player for allegedly deviating from the text and speaking inappropriately with the team’s management.

Al-Ahly’s administration submitted an offer to reconcile with the player in exchange for his waiver of the complaint submitted to FIFA, where Al-Ahly initially offered 300 thousand dollars in exchange for the termination of the player’s contract with the team. Junior Ajayi also rejected the offer, stressing his insistence on turning to FIFA in order to get his full dues.

Ajay wants to get nearly $900,000 for the next season with the team, which Al-Ahly rejects and insists on paying a much smaller amount, which may eventually lead to a large fine on Al-Ahly club, and the fine may reach millions of dollars in addition to a discount. Points from the league, whether 3 or 6 points, and the penalty may reach a ban from including deals for one or two transfer periods.


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