Zainab Gharib’s dress and his relationship with Saeed Saleh in the children grew up.. I know the story


The artist, Zainab Gharib, appeared on the red carpet during the activities of the third day of the fifth session of the El Gouna Film Festival, the day before yesterday, Saturday, and Zainab appeared in a dress of the color “pink”, and the pioneers of the social media interacted with her looks and some compared her to the same look as the late star Saeed Saleh in the play “The Children Are Great”. When he disguised himself and wore a dress, the two pictures were installed next to each other and were widely circulated.


The appearance of the young artist, Zainab Gharib, was in the special screening of the movie “Captains of Zaatari” at the El Gouna Festival, and the film participated in more than 82 festivals around the world, was nominated for more than 15 international awards, and witnessed its world premiere at the Sundance International Film Festival, where it ranked second among List of the best films of the festival. It is reported that the film had won several awards when participating in the third cycle in the short list of films in post-production.

The story of the film revolves around Mahmoud and Fawzi, who have been living in the Zaatari refugee camp in Jordan for five years. Despite their difficult circumstances, they focus all their energy on their first love: football. When Aspire Academy arrives at the camp to select players for an international tournament, the film is set to hit US theaters in New York and Los Angeles starting November 19..


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