Zamalek clarifies the fact that the elections were canceled and reveals the legal position after the letter of nullity


Hussein Al-Samri, CEO of Zamalek Club, revealed the fact that the Zamalek club elections were canceled and postponed indefinitely, after the Youth and Sports Directorate confirmed that the call for holding the elections was invalid.

Al-Samri said, in his statements to “The Seventh Day”, that the invalidity of the invitation to convene the general assembly and hold elections, came because the membership committee did not limit the number of people allowed to attend in that assembly, which led to its invalidity.

Al-Samri added that the Directorate of Youth and Sports has not notified the Zamalek Administration Committee of the invalidity of the call for elections officially until the present time, which makes receiving the candidates papers valid until the official notification arrives.

The Executive Director of Zamalek added that in the event that the Youth and Sports Directorate is notified of the invalidity of the call for elections, a new date will be set for opening the candidacy door, especially since the last date for opening the door for candidacy is October 31, provided that the assembly and elections take place 45 days after the call for it. or a maximum of 60 days.


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