Zamalek is close to qualifying for the African group stage with a goal against Kenyas Tusker


The Zamalek team achieved an important victory over its Kenyan counterpart Tusker with a clean goal in the first leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League, to put Zamalek forward in the group stage, pending the return match scheduled for October 22 in Cairo.

Moroccan Ashraf Ben Sharqi scored Zamalek’s first goal in the Kenyan goal of Tusker in the 46th minute, after Ben Sharqi penetrated from the left front and deceived the ball into Tusker’s goal, announcing the progress of Zamalek with a clean goal in the first leg of the 32nd round of the African Champions League.

The first half of the match between Zamalek and the Kenyan Tusker ended with a negative tie, as the Tusker team, the owner of the land, started today’s match, pressing the defenses of Zamalek with control of the midfield area. On the other hand, Zamalek players committed themselves to the defensive performance to absorb the enthusiasm of the beginning for Tusker players.

The start of the match did not witness any danger to the goal of the two teams, and the negative tie between the two teams continued after 15 minutes.

The Zamalek team was relatively active in the second quarter of the first half, and its players relied on the speeds of Ahmed Sayed Zizou and Ashraf Bin Sharqi to launch attacks from the parties against Tusker’s goal, but the Kenyan team’s defense was vigilant and prevented Zamalek from reaching its goal, which is to score the goal of progress to continue the negative tie 30 minutes later.

Zamalek players tried to score a goal in the first half, but the effect of temperature and high humidity was clear on the efforts of the Zamalek players, unlike the Tusker players’ focus in the defensive part.

At the end of the half, the Zamalek players relied on the long balls of Seif Al-Jaziri, Ben Sharqi and Zizou, but the trio failed to take advantage of the simple opportunities that were presented to them, and the game ended in a negative tie.

Zamalek started the second half pressing and Ben Sharqi scored the goal in the 46th minute from a wonderful penetration from the left front. On the other hand, Tusker players tried to score the equalizer, but the vigilance of the Zamalek defense prevented the two teams from equalizing, so that Zamalek maintained its lead with the goal of Ben Sharqi in the 60th minute.

Tusker players tried to score the equalizer, but the Zamalek defense was on the lookout for all the attempts of the Kenyan team, and in the 62nd minute, Mahmoud Al-Wensh scored a goal from a wonderful header, but the referee canceled the goal for infiltration, so the result continued, Zamalek advanced with a clean goal.

The Zamalek players managed to contain the enthusiasm of the Kenyan Tusker players until the end of the match, so that Zamalek achieved an important victory with a clean goal.


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