10,000 Battlefield 2042 players petition to support game shortages


Battlefield 2042 players have another issue troubling them this time around, and it has to do with the game’s lack of mouse and keyboard support on the console, according to a digitaltrend tech report.

Battlefield 2042 player “Shadow” has created a petition hoping that DICE and EA will add mouse and keyboard support to the Battlefield 2042 console version, and it currently has over 10,000 player signatures.

Cross-platform games are more common in first-person shooter games, however, mouse and keyboard support has become on consoles as well, but this is not the case in Battlefield 2042 and players are not happy.

EA recently posted the following statement on its Battlefield 2042 blog: “We’ve heard your questions about mouse and keyboard support for consoles, and can confirm that we won’t support this on consoles when Battlefield 2042 launches, but we’re still looking at different options.”

In describing the petition, the petition’s creator responded: “While they stated that they were still investigating the possibility, I think we won’t see this feature for a long time to come – if ever.”

Cross-platform gaming has become a very important feature in the first-person shooter genre as it allows console and PC players to group together, unfortunately the difference in performance between a mouse and keyboard versus a standard gamepad is day and night, so it only makes sense to support a mouse And the keyboard But in Battlefield 2042 this is not the case.

The petition goes on to note that the performance and price of the Xbox Series X/S and Playstation 5 became a good choice for building a PC due to a lack of hardware, and Shadow argues that it’s only fair that console players can access the same features.

Shadow says: “These new systems now have the ability to match high-end gaming PCs and with the new trend of cross-platform gaming, and this seems to be the preferred path until PC prices become normal (if at all) and we should have a choice of peripherals. Whether it’s a controller or a mouse and keyboard.

One would think that the controllers had the disadvantage of facing the mouse and keyboard, but with aim assist and other movement changes, this is not the case. ”

It should be noted that keyboard companies, such as Wooting and Razer, are designing keyboards capable of analog movement, a feature that controllers have over consoles, and due to the popularity of cross-platform gaming, Razer has added support for controllers, mice and keyboards, most notably in Razer Turret .


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