11 conditions for those who wish to join the police health technical institutes.. Read the details


In this regard, Article (6) stipulates the following conditions for those who apply to join one of the institutes subject to the provisions of these regulations:

1 – That the Egyptian be of two parents who enjoy this nationality through non-naturalization.

2- The age should not be less than (18) Gregorian years and not more than (25) years at the beginning of opening the door for admission.

3 – The height should not be less than (160) cm for females, and (165) cm for males, and the weight should not exceed the product of subtracting 100 from its length (weight = height – 100) with an increase or decrease not exceeding (10) kg.

4- He must have a high school diploma (Science Division) or Al-Azhar Secondary Certificate, in order to enroll in all divisions except for the Division of Medical Recording, Statistics, Maintenance of Medical Equipment, Optometry and Nutrition. The equation .

5- He must have performed the mandatory military service.

6- He should be of good conduct and reputation.

7- He should not have been previously sentenced to a criminal penalty restricting his freedom in a felony or misdemeanor involving moral turpitude or dishonesty, or he has lost confidence and credit.

8 – He has not been previously dismissed from a police or military institute, government service, the public sector, or the public business sector by a final decision or judgment.

9- He must meet the health fitness requirements determined by the specialized medical council of the Police Authority.

10 – Not to be married or have ever been married, and to pledge in writing not to marry during the period of study at the institute

11- He must fulfill the coordination rules for health technical institutes prescribed for the year he submits papers to join the institute. The Minister of Interior may not abide by any of the conditions set forth in clauses No. (2 and 3) for females. .

The technical police health institutes undertake the preparation of qualified and specialized cadres in accordance with the highest quality standards at the level of health services to work in the field of medical services at the Ministry of Interior, and it aims in particular to qualify and prepare technical police personnel who are able to provide health and medical services in hospitals affiliated with the medical services sector in the ministry and in other police authorities that These services, and the rehabilitation and training of police personnel in the health, medical and first aid fields according to the latest methods and programs, require the development of intellectual, scientific, practical, professional and security skills for the student and graduate.


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