A famous young Egyptian artist ran away 24 hours before her wedding and refused to return… And the surprise is why? .. you won’t believe who she is?


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>The Egyptian artist, Nahid El Sebaei, revealed that she ran away from her wedding 24 hours before it began, despite her marriage contract and her mother's knowledge of her desire to separate. 


During her meeting with the “A Last Word” program, presented by the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, and broadcast on the “ON” screen, Nahed Al-Sibai said that she told her mother that she was uncomfortable with being associated with this husband and asked her to leave, as they were in Ain Sukhna for the wedding,

Noting that she had some problems and decided not to continue the marriage because she refused to live in even minor problems, according to Egyptian newspapers.

She added, “I had hopes that I could not comprehend, but I realized that no one can change except when he wants to change,” adding in a sarcastic tone about the characteristics of the man with whom she intends to be associated: “I am not a man in the first place .. I am their enemy.”

On the other hand, producer Nahed Farid Shawqi, mother of Nahid El Sebaei, commented: “I did not object to her escaping, although the book was written… and I told her that there is no need for salvation. We will do it.” rejecting it before reaching the night of joy.”

And she continued, “I was the one who faced the end of joy… and I was convinced that this was a defining moment. I couldn’t tell her a need, unlike the one who felt it. She had a deep feeling that made us end the matter.”

Al-Sibai said: “When someone feels like I will bring you a groom and get to know him by their work, there are misfortunes, tears, day and voice,” to track her mother: “You get tired and you remain an eye, and I used to say to myself that you are acting.”



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