A “leaked message” from the son of Morsi aide deepens the crises of the “Brothers abroad”


          A fundamentalist researcher points to “expected differences” within the Istanbul front            </p><div itemprop="articleBody">
          <p>At a time when the “Brotherhood of Abroad” disputes are increasing between the fronts of Istanbul and London, a “leaked message” from the son of Essam El-Haddad, aide to former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, related to the political future of the Brotherhood, deepened the organization’s crises, most of whose leaders are in Egyptian prisons because of their involvement in “the Brotherhood.” violence issues.  According to Amr Abdel Moneim, a researcher in the affairs of fundamentalist movements in Egypt, “(the leaked message) reveals the organization’s suffering now, and that it is facing a major impasse in its internal structure,” noting that “the message will open disputes within the Istanbul Front led by Mahmoud Hussein, the former Secretary-General of the organization.” ».

And according to the Al-Arabiya channel website, “Abdullah Al-Haddad, son of Essam Al-Haddad, Mohamed Morsi’s assistant for foreign affairs, demanded the release of his father imprisoned in Egypt, in exchange for a pledge to quit politics and stop engaging in any activities.” Abdullah said in an article he published on a website in Egypt, according to Al Arabiya’s testimony, that “the local and regional context will not allow the (Brotherhood) elements and leaders to practice politics in the way it was before 2013,” describing his father as from “a past political era (which ended). ) and (will not return), in reference to (the era of the Brotherhood organization).

Abdel Moneim said in statements to Asharq Al-Awsat: “It is known that the Al-Haddad family used many of these methods during the last period to pressure Egypt to release Essam and his son Jihad (imprisoned).” Issam Al-Haddad was convicted of 10 years in prison in the case of “espionage with foreign parties”, as was his son Jihad. Essam was a member of the Brotherhood’s Guidance Office, and was appointed as Morsi’s assistant for foreign affairs during the Brotherhood’s rule in 2013, and obtained British citizenship. As for his son, Jihad, he was responsible for the file of foreign relations and the chief advisor to the organization’s “Al-Nahda” project.

Regarding the “leaked letter” of Al-Haddad’s son, Abdel Moneim stated that it was “an attempt to gain international sympathy with the Al-Haddad family. The constant in (the claim of victimhood), which always puts the organization and its elements in (suspicious by the Egyptians), and confirms that the (Brotherhood) leaders are still insisting on the same old ideas.

Abdel Moneim pointed out that “the message appears to be from the Al-Haddad family and was presented by the son Abdullah,” and it reveals that “there are families in the organization that reject what is happening now from (leaders abroad), especially after the leaders abandoned them, and they want to separate from the organization; But through a paper (talking about retiring from political work and not recognizing the mistakes that were committed against the Egyptians).”

According to Abdel Moneim, “Al-Haddad’s son’s message will open disputes within the Istanbul front, especially since it is from the Al-Haddad family. It will also open room for many questions about what the (Brotherhood) groups have reached in Istanbul, and will Midhat Al-Haddad (Istanbul Front) agree to what the family has proposed, or will he repudiate it?

Medhat Al-Haddad is Essam’s brother, one of the leaders of the “Brotherhood” residing in Turkey, and one of the most prominent poles of the Istanbul Front. According to observers, “Medhat Al-Haddad is in charge of the (Brotherhood) investments in Turkey, and he was among the six senior leaders of the Istanbul Front, whose work was frozen and (dismissed) by Ibrahim Munir, the acting guide.”

This comes at a time, when the dispute between the Istanbul and London fronts is exacerbated, led by Ibrahim Munir, who announced earlier the dissolution of the Administrative Office for Organization Affairs in Turkey, and the dismissal of Mahmoud Hussein, Medhat Al-Haddad, Muhammad Abdul-Wahhab, Hammam Ali Youssef, Rajab Al-Banna and Mamdouh Mabrouk, And the dismissal of all supporters of Hussein’s front or sympathizers with it.

Amr Abdel Moneim said that “(the leaked message) reveals the predicament of (leaders abroad), especially that it is not in the interest of the Istanbul front, and also indicates that the differences on the fronts of Mahmoud Hassan and Ibrahim Munir have become worrying families of (Brotherhood) leaders in Egypt.” The Istanbul front’s latest move against the London front was the announcement of “(the General Shura Council), led by Mahmoud Hussein, dismissing Ibrahim Munir, rescinding its recent decisions (marginalization), freezing and dismissal of Muslim Brotherhood leaders in Turkey, and the formation of a (temporary) committee to undertake Munir’s tasks.”

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