A video documenting the arrest of a Saudi on the day he killed his wife with acid, after 45 days of marriage


The Indonesian police released little information about a Saudi who killed his Indonesian wife last Saturday morning in their home where they were staying, as they stated that his first name was Abdul Latif, who is 29 years old, while his wife’s name is Sarah, who is eight years younger than him, and she was buried. Last Sunday in a village apparently called “Sukamajo” in West Java province.

What is new about Abdel Latif, is that the police released a video of his arrest on the day he killed his wife, which was broadcast by some local media on their sites, in addition to a statement issued by the police about what happened, in which they said that the investigations indicated that the motive behind the crime was his intense jealousy of his wife, but she did not Remember more details, knowing that the Saudi embassy in the Indonesian capital, Jakarta, is accompanying the investigation process, according to local media.

And from the new information, that Abdul Latif and Sarah were married only 45 days ago, and then everything ended in a quarrel between them in the house, and as a result he beat her and then poured acid on several parts of her body, and when she collapsed and heard a commotion from the neighbors who heard the noise of the quarrel, he left the house and disappeared. Until the police found him in the afternoon, they took him into custody.

Preliminary information indicates that the crime occurred due to the accused’s feeling of jealousy, pointing out that he tried to flee outside the country, but he was arrested at Soekarno-Hatta Airport in Tangerang while he was buying a ticket to Saudi Arabia.

The couple’s house is located in Cianjur, and the burns included 99% of the victim’s body that her husband planned to kill several days ago, as he bought the incendiary material through an electronic store, but he denied this, and claimed during his investigation last Sunday that he used this substance to clean floor.

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