Actress of bold scenes in the history of Egyptian cinema;; She appeared completely without clothes in noisy scenes…. She got married more than 18 times… and stood before the leader, Adel Imam | sexy details


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        </p><div itemprop="articleBody"><p>New details and a new story from the history of the great art of Egypt, especially during the past decades. In this report, we talk about the artist Mona Ibrahim, one of the artists who sparked the great controversy;


Because of the audacity of her work, especially in films that were filmed in Lebanon, where she was born on May 8, 1945, and acted in many Lebanese and Egyptian films.

Her real name is Iqbal Ibrahim El-Sayed El-Badawy, she was born in the city of Tanta on May 8, 1945. She is from Turkey. She has four sisters. She moved with her family to Cairo to begin her journey with the world of oriental dance. The artist, Tahia Karioka, chose her artistic name to become “Mona Ibrahim”.

One of the critics wrote about her that she surpassed Nahid Yousry… and that she is the boldest actress in the history of Egyptian cinema, when she appeared completely naked with Farid Shawqi and caused a crisis.

She presented nearly 22 films, most notably “Hanafi Al-Abha”, “The Angry”, “The Servant”, “The Rich and the Poor”, “Ramadan Over the Volcano”, “The Island of Women”, “Professor Ayoub”, “Bloody Sunday” and “The Prize”. The Greater, “The Giants,” “Forgiving,” “Ouda Hamido,” “The Right Man,” and “Ataba Jazaz.”

And the artist, Mona Ibrahim, married twenty times to Lebanese and Egyptian businessmen and celebrities, and most of these marriages were secret and did not give birth at all, and news was circulated on the communication sites that she had gone crazy in the last days of her life and was eventually deposited in a mental hospital.

One of her most famous films is the movie “Professor Ayoub” in 1975 with Mohamed Awad, Farid Shawqi, and Safia Al-Omari. The film sparked a great controversy, as she appeared completely naked to outperform Nahed Yousry in the movie The Lady of the Black Moons.

After him, Mona Ibrahim joined the actress Nahid Yousry, the heroine of the movie The Lady of the Black Moons, on the list of the most daring actresses in the history of Egyptian cinema.

The censors deleted the scene in which she appeared completely naked, and the film was permanently banned from showing, but it returned to spread with the emergence of social networking sites.

Mona Ibrahim returned to playing roles far from temptation after her age, at the end of the eighties, when she participated in the movie “Happened in the House of the Judge”,

She played a role close to evil; But it was distinguished in it, and the series was starring, Muhammad Awad, Shukri Sarhan, Karima Mokhtar and Salah Kabil, and it was produced in 1989.


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