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The pioneers of the social networking site Facebook shared a picture of a late artist in his childhood, and this artist embodied a number of evil roles in Egyptian cinema, namely, the late artist Magdy Wahba.

And the artist Magdy Wahba is from the city of Beni Suef and was born in 1944 AD. He participated in a number of series and films, most notably The Game of Revenge, Sons and Killers, and I am the Madman. His most famous work was the movie “Hanafi Al-Abha” in 1990, in which he played a charitable role with the leader Adel Imam and the late artist Mustafa Metwally.

Magdy Wahba also participated in the movie “Who Khaf Salim”, and his last movie was “Light Lips” in 1990, in which he played the role of Raouf.

The late artist Magdy Wahba died on February 4, 1990 at the age of 46 in Hurghada, after a severe heart attack, leaving behind a great artistic legacy despite his early departure, due to his artistic creativity.

Some websites circulated a saying of the leader, Adel Imam, to the late Magdi Wahba at the last meeting between them, where he said to him: “You are dead, you are dead, my charity,” and it is a repetition of the scene of the leader and Magdy Wahba in the last Hanafi movie of pomp.

A picture of the artist Magdy Wahba from the old needs page
A picture of the artist Magdy Wahba from the old needs page


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