Adviser to the President: “The new Corona mutator does not exist in Egypt, and it will come to me.”


11:42 PM

Tuesday 30 November 2021

Books – Muhammad Abul-Majd:

Dr. Muhammad Awad Taj El-Din, Adviser to the President of the Republic for Health and Preventive Affairs, confirmed that so far the new Corona mutant “Omicron” has not been monitored, saying, “The idea and quality do not concern us much because it will one day exist in the whole world,” noting that scientific devices Accurately track whether or not the mutator is present.

And “Tag El-Din” added, in his dialogue through the “Skype” program for the “Happening in Egypt” program on MBC Egypt, today, Tuesday, that the new Corona mutant “Omicron” will enter Egypt during the next stage, saying: “He will come to Egypt by 100%.” Our goal is to try to reduce the injury as much as possible.”

He continued, that there is a study of the new mutant, to determine how to deal with it in the coming period, and all information about the new mutant is a possibility, and it is also important to work to greatly reduce the chances of its arrival, as well as to study the extent of its spread and monitor the effectiveness of vaccines towards it, explaining that the emerging corona virus « “Covid 19”, which appeared in Wuhan, China, has the ability to constantly mutate and change, in order to be able to deal with the body’s resistance.

And “Tag El-Din” added that the Omicron mutant was detected in South Africa on 9 November and has spread to many countries around the world, especially Europe.

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