After 40 years of spinsterhood, Mai Ezz El-Din’s marriage to this person ignites social networking sites. Watch her reaction (shocking)


You are now following the news of watching: After 40 years of spinsterhood… Mai Ezz El-Din’s marriage to this person ignites social networking sites. Watch her reaction (shocking) and now with the details

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Social networking sites re-circulated the celebration of the Egyptian actress Mai Ezz El-Din a few months ago, on her 41st birthday, who had gained great fame since entering the artistic community in 2001.


Mai Ezz El-Din, this is her artistic name. As for the real one, she is Mahitab Hussein Ezz El-Din. She was born in the Emirates and stayed there for four years, then returned to her country, Egypt.

She holds a Bachelor of Arts, Department of Sociology from Alexandria University, and has played many roles in Egyptian cinema and television production.

Her debut was in the movie “Love Journey”, with the two stars, Mohamed Fouad and Ahmed Helmy. She was known for her innocent and quiet childish features, and her last cinematic work was “The Money” in 2019, in which she appeared as a guest.

What is surprising for the public is that Mai Ezz El-Din has not married yet. She got engaged once to former Egyptian footballer Mohamed Zidan for only 4 months, and they quickly separated.

On this matter, Ezz El-Din said in more than one television statement that the reason for her reluctance to marry so far is because she has a difficult personality, and commented: “My requirements in the husband are very difficult, and I will not leave my work to satisfy my husband.”

As for her former fiance, Zaidan, he attributed the reason for the separation to a difference of views between them as a result of the conditions of her work in the field of art.

Followers also noted that Bodhi Jardat was always at Mai’s side, until she confirmed in one of the statements that her mother feared for her, so she had a special guard.
Mai admitted earlier that she had been subjected to depression several times in her life, but she was afraid to try taking sedatives or drugs for depression.

Among the most prominent works presented by “Omar and Salma 1 2 3, Al-Lambi 8 GB, Kimo and Antimo, Legitimate Betrayal, Game Over, Princess Baisa, Adam, Truth and Mirage, Dala’ Banat, Status of Love, Rasayel.”90442107


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