After a message from “ISIS” to lone wolves… Al-Azhar Observatory calls for security measures to be taken to curb the danger


After a message from

Reuters Security reinforcements in the US state of Virginia at the end of last month

Al-Azhar Observatory for Combating Extremism called for taking the necessary security measures, after ISIS called on its supporters in Western countries (lone wolves) to launch terrorist attacks using simple and accessible methods such as running over.

The observatory called for taking into account the message of ISIS to its lone wolves, taking all security measures, and tightening control over social media and media platforms of all extremist organizations, and ISIS in particular.

The observatory said that the organization, according to what was monitored, “plans to launch a series of terrorist operations aimed at spreading fear and destabilizing Western countries, taking advantage of the instability experienced by some of those countries, as a result of objecting to the government’s precautionary measures to confront the fifth wave of the Corona pandemic, The security services were preoccupied with attempts to control some of the riots accompanying the ongoing protests.

He added, “This scheme is evidenced by the success of Spanish anti-terror units in seizing products used in making remote-controlled bombs.”

He stressed the need to introduce measures at all levels to combat extremism, as well as to deal with new methods inside prisons, as “dangerous hotbeds in the processes of attracting young people and turning them into lone wolves after their release.”

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And the Spanish newspaper, La Razon, reported that ISIS had published on its media platforms a set of links to brochures and videos containing methods of manufacturing explosive devices, remote detonation bombs using mobile phones, and targeting vehicles to spread panic and chaos in Western countries.

The manuals contain about 75 chapters, explaining how to manufacture explosives of all kinds, with special attention to the manufacture of explosive belts, or backpacks with a devastating effect, as appeared in the recent attacks that targeted a number of mosques in Afghanistan.

The terrorist organization touched on how to manufacture remote-controlled explosives, as well as hand grenades and Molotov cocktails, with an explanation of how to hide from thermal cameras and ordinary spy planes, as well as methods for preparing sarin gas, and other terrorist activities. ?

Source: “Cairo 24”

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