After being postponed for a year… the trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s latest movie, Marry Me | Video


Universal Pictures revealed the trailer for Jennifer Lopez’s Marry Me movie, which had been postponed from May 14, 2021, to February 11, 2022.

Due to the closure of cinemas in the midst of the pandemic, and with the film soon being released in theaters, the propaganda trailer was revealed, and the film revolves around a pop star who is abandoned by her rock-singer fiance moments before their wedding in downtown New York after she learns of his betrayal, which prompts her to propose marriage to a man she chooses randomly. Among the crowd, which holds a sign entitled “Marry Me”, the story of the film is based on the graphic novel by Bobby Crosby.

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson co-star in the movie with Sarah Silverman, Maluma, John Bradley, and more.

And romance had dominated the duo Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez in their latest appearance recently, before they headed for a trip on a private plane for them together, heading out of Los Angeles, according to what was published by the Daily Mail, where the two used to highlight their romance whenever they appeared together. This is the first time that photographers take pictures of them documenting those moments, and they are currently the most prominent couple ever.


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