After Benzema was sentenced in the case of “sexual blackmail” .. the victim breaks his silence



After the ruling on Benzema in a case


Matthew Valbuena, his country’s national team, criticized France, following the sentencing of his former colleague in the “Rooster” team, Karim Benzema, in the case of “sexual extortion” of which he was the victim.

“I was really surprised by the very weak support of the French national team, and of Mr. Noel Le Graet (President of the French Football Federation),” Valbuena said, following the ruling, yesterday, Wednesday, to the French network “RMC”.

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Benzema faces trial in sex tape extortion case

He added, “When I was going through the happiest times in the national team, he (Le Graet) kissed my boots. But when I disappeared from view, he became like a ghost.”

And Valbuena, 37, who is currently defending the Greek club Olympiacos, added: “Maybe (Le Graet) lost my phone number. I did not receive any support. I think it is a shame, because I am a victim in this whole situation.”

Yesterday, Wednesday, a French court imposed a one-year suspended prison sentence for Benzema and a fine of 75,000 euros, after convicting him in the case of “attempted extortion” of Valbuena, with a sex tape.

French prosecutors said Benzema encouraged Valbuena to pay blackmailers to keep the tape out of the public eye.

Benzema, who has denied any wrongdoing, did not appear in court, and his lawyers confirmed that they would appeal the ruling.

The case dates back to 2015, when Valbuena was blackmailed by unknown persons over an obscene tape, and Benzema advised him at the time to pay the money to the blackmailers.

This case led to the exclusion of the players from the “rooster” team since late 2015, before Benzema returned to the team after nearly six years, in the last European Cup.

Source: RIA Novosti


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