After the closure of Haram Street.. new directives from the governor of Giza to officials


11:21 PM

Thursday 25 November 2021

Books – Youssef Afifi:

Giza Governorate announced a total closure of Al-Ahram Street in the area between the intersection of the street with Al-Mahawalat Street and up to Abu Al-Faraj Street and facing Al-Ahram Central in the direction coming from the archaeological area towards Giza Square only, starting from 1 am on Friday 11/26 until the completion of the work.

Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, directed the head of the Haram district, in coordination with the General Department of Giza Traffic and the company executing the works, to take the necessary measures to prevent overcrowding and provide the necessary traffic liquidity by deploying traffic teams and directional panels in the vicinity of the works.

The governor calls upon citizens to follow the instructions of traffic boards and committees to avoid congestion. The Giza Traffic General Administration has appointed the necessary traffic services in the diversions path to ensure traffic liquidity.

The General Directorate of Giza Traffic provided the necessary traffic diversions within the framework of proactive plans to facilitate traffic in the vicinity of the work area, which are as follows:

– Coming from Al-Remaya and Al-Nasr Squares towards Al-Ahram Street, turn right on Al-Mansuriya Road towards Abu Al-Hol areas until the turnaround opening in front of Al-Tawhid and Al-Nour Road and return to Al-Mansuriya Road and then enter Mohamed Anwar Al-Sadat Street (formerly Tersa) passing through the new Tersa Bridge and the intersection of the street with Ezzedine Omar Streets and the transformers and then under the Othman Bridge Muharram Al-Mohaddeth (surface road), then turn under the bridge and return to Anwar Al-Sadat axis, then enter right on Mohamed Salem Street towards Al-Ahram Street.

Those wishing to go to (Al Haram Hospital, Mariouteya Road, Al Remaya Square) enter Neamat Allah Street from the Mohamed Anwar Al Sadat axis until its intersection with Al-Ahram Street, then enter right on Al-Ahram Street and turn and return to Al-Ahram Street in the direction of the indicated areas.

The closure comes within the framework of completing the handover of work sites for the construction of Haram metro stations within the fourth line project of the national subway network. The site designated for the printing press station is to be handed over to the company executing the works specifically, starting from the intersection of Al-Ahram Street with Mohamed Abdel Raqib Street to Abu Al-Faraj Street with a length of 400 m. And a width of 18 meters in the direction coming from the archaeological area towards Giza Square as part of the delivery of 6 metro stations on the fourth line.

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