After the news of her divorce, Sherine Abdel Wahab: She is all jealous – in the video


The Egyptian actress presentedSherine Abdel WahabNew song titled “It’s all jealousOn YouTube, from Words by Mohamed Mostafa, composed by Mahmoud Anwar, and distributed by Mohamed Magdy.
Its beginning says:If I promise in one place, I am not safe from the coments, what can I do among us, six beautiful and charismatic, I enter any place in his heart, thanks to God, and whoever sees me along with his admiration without suffering, there are such things as the creation of our Lord, it is not an effort to make, let the one who changes us He comes and does our adornment without anything, he boils less and hits us in the back, he comes in our face, if he has a need, he tells us and there is no work left, they tell us enough talk about us..”.
In the past hours, the news of Sherine Abdel Wahab’s separation from her husband, artist Hossam Habib, spread and they started talking about their financial rights.


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