After the return of the Taliban, this is the fate of the “most famous Afghan girl”


The Italian government announced that the “most famous Afghan girl” had arrived in Italy, after being evacuated from Afghanistan.

Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s office said: Italy Mrs. Sharbat Gula, who is no longer a girl, has been evacuated after she asked for her help to leave the country, the British Guardian newspaper reported.

Draghi’s office added: “The Italian government will help Sherbet to integrate into life here.”

Italy is one of several Western countries that have transported hundreds of Afghan through the air Outside the country, after the departure of the American forces and the seizure of Taleban on power last August.

وتعرف Sherbet Gula with “Afghan Mona Lisa” She got this nickname when she was young On the cover of National Geographic magazine.

And publication She was first photographed on the cover of the magazine in the June 1985 issue, where he took it American photojournalist Steve McCurry in 1984 when she was only 12 years old, in the Nasser Bagh refugee camp in Pakistan.

At the time, she did not know any information about the owner of the photo, except that she appeared to be a green-eyed teenage girl wearing a red veil, while staring sharply at the camera.

In 2014, I left Pakistan She returns home, but goes into hiding when Afghan authorities accused her of buying a false Pakistani identity card and ordered her deportation.

However, she was then transferred to Kabul, where President Ashraf Ghani gave her a reception at the presidential palace and handed her a new apartment.

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