Ahmed Daoud: I am welcome, but I am not a fanatic, and films are longer than dramas


The star Ahmed Daoud appeared as a guest on Youm7 TV during the “Ah If You Play Ya Zahr” program, presented by colleague Menna Yahya. Cinema is always focused, and films live with the audience longer than dramas, so he is keen during this period to focus on cinematic works..

During the dialogue, Daoud indicated about his first cinematic experience work, which is the movie “Heisa”, in which he embodies the role of a young man who lives in a popular area, plays football and is interested in music, which makes him face many shocks in order to achieve his dreams, and the work was written by Muhammad Nair. And directed by Othman Abu Laban, and Daoud indicated that in fact he also loves football and is keen to practice it with his friends twice a week, stressing that he encourages Al-Ahly Club, but he is not fanatical to the extent that his friends doubt his affiliation with Al-Ahly Club, given that he is very calm Even at times when the club suffers a loss.

احمد داوود
احمد داوود

On the other hand, Daoud indicated that he is awaiting the release of the movie “Day 13”, which he finished filming in March 2020, and is the first cinematic experience presented with 3 technology.D Ahmed Daoud is co-starring with Dina El-Sherbiny, Sherif Mounir, Mohamed Tharwat, Nasreen Amin, Arwa Gouda, Ahmed Zaher, Fedra, Mahmoud Abdel-Mughni, Magdy Kamel, Nihal Anbar, Noha Abdeen and Mohamed El-Sawy, written and directed by Wael Abdullah, and the events revolve within the framework of excitement, suspense and terror.

Despite his participation in a horror movie, Daoud indicated that he does not like to watch horror movies in general, and does not prefer scenes that bear scenes of blood, stressing that the movie “Day 13” is not a horror movie in the traditional form that some expect, but it revolves in A frame of excitement and suspense and contains some horror scenes.

During the meeting, Daoud also talked about his repeated cooperation with the star Dina El-Sherby, where the first cooperation between them was in the movie “Hepta”, and then the “Grand Hotel” series, then the “Ze El Shams” series, and “The Game of Oblivion”, and now the experience is repeated during the movie “Day 13″, indicating that he loves to work with her, and also loves her on a personal level, and she is one of his close friends.

Ahmed Daoud and Dina El-Sherbiny
Ahmed Daoud and Dina El-Sherbiny

When the announcer asked him about the star he wished to work with, he indicated that he wished to work with Mona Zaki and Hend Sabry, since he did not cooperate with them in any of his previous works.


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