Al-Ahly is threatened with playing without a performance analyst and a load planner after the league resumes


Al-Ahly club faces a potential crisis represented in the absence of the duo, performance analyst Kyle Solomon and load planner Capello Ranguja from the team after the resumption of the General League Championship, after they traveled to South Africa during the past days, taking advantage of the team’s rest from training until next December 5.

The mutation of the Corona virus in South Africa caused the cancellation of flights to and from it during the past hours, which will make it impossible for the duo to return to Cairo to attend the resumption of the team’s training, and the matter may extend until the return of the General League championship, which will certainly represent a technical crisis for the red technical staff led by Petso. Musimani, if the crisis does not end soon.

Mrs. Moira was the wife of a South African Bitso Mosimane She saved her husband from being away for an indefinite period from leading the red team after the end of the period of the General League championship, which is currently suspended due to the Arab Cup, which is scheduled to be held from November 30 to December 18 next.

Musimani decided to spend the vacation period that he granted to his team until next December 5 in his hometown in South Africa, but he was surprised by a request from his wife to come to him and spend the vacation in Cairo, which Musimani agreed to decide to stay to receive her before news came out about the mutation of the Corona virus in southern Africa, which prevented Musimani’s wife from attending and also made it impossible for him to travel to South Africa, because if the coach had traveled, it would have been impossible for him to return to Cairo for a long time and stay away from Al-Ahly training, but his wife saved him in the end.

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