Al-Ahly reveals the truth about Turkey and France’s offers to join Aliou Diang


A source in Al-Ahly confirmed that the club has not received official offers, so far, to include Malian midfielder Aliu Diang, explaining that what was reported in this statement is incorrect.

The source said that Al-Ahly received serious calls from one of the Turkish league clubs, but Al-Ahly asked him to submit an official offer to decide and discuss it to take the appropriate decision for the Red Castle and the player.

The source added that Al-Ahly did not receive offers from France or others in the recent period to include the player, noting that the club will decide on the offer upon its official arrival.

On the other hand, Al-Ahly club officials decided to open the auction about the financial Aliu Diang The midfielder for the red team during the upcoming winter transfers, although the financial player is one of the influential elements in forming the red genie, there is stability from Al-Ahly officials to agree to sell him if he receives an attractive financial offer of ten million dollars in a way that exceeds the offer he received from Galata Turkish Saray last summer, and Al-Ahly rejected it because it stopped at 5 million and 300 thousand dollars.

Red Castle officials may agree to dispense with Diang for a fee of less than ten million dollars if there is a clause in the contract that allows the club to obtain a large percentage of the player’s resale in the future..

Al-Ahly is betting on Diang’s brilliance in the coming period, whether with the club or the Mali national team, which led him to qualify for the final stage of the African qualifiers for the World Cup..

Aliou Diang proved that he is a high-caliber deal for the Red Castle, since he joined the team at the beginning of the season before last, as he quickly got along with his teammates, and succeeded in establishing his feet and convincing his coaches of his talent and technical abilities to become a mainstay in the middle of the red stadium and his presence becomes highly influential In performance and result, the fighting spirit is the most important characteristic of Mali on the green rectangle.

Diang participated with Al-Ahly in 96 matches, during which he scored 4 goals and made 7 others, and was able to convince both former Al-Ahly coach Rene Weiler, and Pitso Musimani, the red team coach, that he is indispensable in the team’s midfield, given the important role he plays in spoiling the attacks. Competitors and the beginning of the offensive start for Al-Ahly.

وتوج Aliu Diang With Al-Ahly with 5 titles: the General League, the African Champions League twice, the Egypt Cup, the African Super Cup, in addition to winning the bronze in the Club World Cup.


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