Al-Khatib on his differences with Al-Dardali: Al-Ahly members know everything.. That is why I chose Murtaja


Mahmoud Al-Khatib, the candidate for the position of chairman of the Al-Ahly club’s board of directors, sent a special message to the members of the Red Castle, hours before the electoral process that will take place tomorrow, Friday, to choose a new board of directors.

Al-Khatib said: “My trust in the club’s members is without limits, they are the most fearful and keen on Al-Ahly’s interest, and they only know what serves Al-Ahly, and they always take sides in the club’s stability.”

He added, “I am sure that Al-Ahly members will attend tomorrow, Friday, with great intensity, because the club needs them to participate in drawing the future, and choosing a new, homogeneous and understanding board of directors that will lead Al-Ahly in the next four years.”

Al-Khatib refused to talk about the differences between Khaled Al-Dardali, the candidate for the position of treasurer with the board of directors in the last period, stressing that it is not correct to talk about such matters and that Al-Ahly members know everything, and have sufficient awareness and ability to distinguish.

Al-Khatib continued: “I chose Khaled Murtaji on my electoral list for the fund’s secretariat because he is the most appropriate and fittest for the club, as he has scientific qualifications and financial and administrative experience.”

He continued, “Murtaji works as a successful businessman, and managing director of a group of international companies, in addition to his relations with many international institutions, and he can achieve the club’s ambitions in the economic aspect and create financial resources from unconventional sources.”

He continued: “Murtaji will help advance the club in various fields, and spend on sports teams and infrastructure, in a way that puts Al-Ahly in the position it deserves locally and continentally.”

He continued: “Understanding and harmony between the big trio is very important, and it is not correct that there should be a dispute between the president and the deputy, nor the president with the treasurer, because if there was a dispute, it would negatively affect the workflow of the club.”

And he concluded: “The General Assembly of Al-Ahly is the one that sided with the existing system for decades, because it sees that the list and the homogeneity of the group in the board of directors preserves stability, and if the General Assembly saw otherwise, it would not have sided with the existing system because it is the decision-maker and no one can impose his opinion on it.”


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